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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book a School Assembly

You, too, can book a school assembly and learn what it takes to become a champion in sports and academics. Ethan will bring his race car and share the book author MaryAnn Easley wrote about him. Appropriate for grades 2-5, the author, Ethan, and his parents will show off some of the winning trophies, talk about racing heroes, and answer questions about this extreme sport geared especially for kids.

Cost varies from FREE to $375 depending on location, needs, and number of assemblies. Ethan will be happy to sign books and describe what it means to be a champion. The author will cover state standards in writing and how kids can write their own stories. Summer assemblies available, too.

"Best author assembly we've ever had at this school, and I've been here 25 years!"

"Terrific assembly. The kids loved the race car and are still talking about it."

"The kids have never been so attentive."

"Very impressive and inspirational."

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